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"Ray Grasse is one of the world's greatest and most accurate astrologers." —Whitley Strieber, author Communion, The Hunger


"Ray is both a remarkable astrologer and an insightful observer of the universe around us. His insights have helped me find my own way, both personally and professionally, over the years." —Barbara Keller, Corporate consultant, New Jersey. 

Astrological Services 

Ray Grasse is an internationally-known astrologer, having worked for over 30 years with clients around the world in helping them gain greater insight into their lives and personalities. He sums up his philosophy this way:  


"The horoscope is a symbolic map of an individual's soul and destiny, based on a study of the heavens at the moment of birth. Understanding this map provides an opportunity to better understand both strengths and weaknesses, and learn the right timing for all major activities. Astrology is not fatalistic; the horoscope only shows possibilities. But we cannot change our destiny without first understanding it.


"As a symbolic blueprint, the horoscope operates on several different levels simultaneously. On the physical level, it reveals the destiny patterns underlying our business, health, and family activities. On an emotional level, it reveals the psychological patterns underlying our personality, and hidden talents and potentials. On a spiritual level, the horoscope illumines the deeper karmic lessons of each person's life, and times when spiritual work can be most effective. My astrological consultations survey all of these levels, with a special emphasis upon the psychological and spiritual dimensions of the horoscope."




Examines the basic birth chart and the essential destiny-patterns of one's life. Parents can also use the horoscope to better understand the hidden strengths or weaknesses of children.



A look at the primary trends of the coming year, and their deeper implications. Special attention is paid to periods of greatest opportunity or difficulty, and how to best work with these. This reading covers both transiting and progressed aspects, and can be tailored to specific concerns. Can be ordered either separate from, or in conjunction with, the natal horoscope. My most requested service.



To construct an accurate astrological chart, your birth time, date, and place of birth is required. If you are uncertain about the exact time, the reading can still be conducted but be sure to check your birth certificate. Prepayment by Paypal or check is requested for all first-time phone sessions. A 24-hour cancellation notice is requested to avoid being charged for the appointment. Most readings are scheduled 15 to 30 days following the initial inquiry.


Readings are conducted by phone, or in-person if previously arranged. Clients are asked to call at the designated time; all readings are recorded and a downloadable link sent to the client upon completion.

To arrange a reading, contact Ray by email at 

NOTE: I am currently booking readings four to five months in advance. If there are cancellations during the interim, I may be able to talk with you sooner, but otherwise plan on our conversation taking place sometime within that time frame. 

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