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 Below is a brief selection of my essays and talks            

Uncovering the Lost Tomb of Osiris

Synchronicity and the Mind of God

StarGates: Planetary Portals and Windows in Time

The Voice of Divination

The Mythologist: Brief Encounters with Joseph Campbell

The Dawn of Aquarius: The Turning of the Great Ages


Life as Guru: The Synchronistic Teachings of Everyday Life


Urban Mystic: Reminiscences of Goswami Kriyananda

The Jazz Band Principle and the Aquarian Age

The Archetypal Roots of Astrology


You Are Brahma: One Writer's Encounter with the Bodily Cosmos


Southwestern Odyssey: A Sightseer's Journey into the Underworld

Suffering and Soul-Making on the Mean Streets of Planet Earth

Astrology and the Chakras

The Beatles: Harbingers of the Aquarian Age?

Turning Point; The United States' Pluto Return


A Second Roswell? The Strange Story of Irwin Fortman

Memories of Yogananda: Recollections of Shelly Trimmer

The Challenge of Exo-Astrology: How Woule We Construct Horoscopes on Other Planets?

Tuning into the Zeitgeist: Riding Waves of Planetary Change

Reexamining the High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt: An Interview with John Anthony West

The Drama of America and Russia: An Archetypal Perspective


Interview with me by Adrian Tarcan


Why Your "Bad Moon" May Actually Be Your Best Friend



Searching for Planet X - How Will Astrologers Unlock the Meaning of New Planet?

Wheels of Change: Stelliums, Mundane Astrology, and the Art of the Big Picture

When Jupiter and Neptune Meet in Pisces

Our Expanding Universe—Within and Without: The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction and the James Webb Telescope


On the Perils of Telling People What to Do: The Razor's Edge of Astrological Counseling

Saturn the Late Bloomer

Decoding the Most Elevated Planet in the Horoscope

The Cluster Effect: When Planetary Triggers Converge


Tectonic Triggers: The Hidden Power of Station Points - Part 1


Tectonic Triggers: The Hidden Power of Station Points - Part 2

A Glimpse of Gnosis

Saturn as the Key "Karmic" Challenge of the Horoscope

Avatars, Geniuses, and Channeling the Divine

Video of my lecture The Spirit of Place:

Class 1 from my Secrets of the Esoteric Tradition Webinar:

Lecture: The United States' Pluto Return

Lecture: Exploring the Astrological Universe:

Lecture: The Divine Zodiac

Bernard Beitman interviewing me about synchronicity (audio):

Chris Brennan's interview with me on The Astrology Podcast

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