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Signs of the Times:

Unlocking the Symbolic Language of World Events

We live in complex times, but not completely incomprehensible ones. In his latest book Ray Grasse looks at modern history in light of astrology, and the shift from the Age of Pisces to that of Aquarius. What does the "Aquarian Age" truly mean? And when does it start? Drawing on sources ranging from religion and politics to cinema, Grasse constructs a portrait of modern society that shows how our world is already being transformed by the emerging Aquarian archetype in countless ways.


Hampton Roads Publishing, Charlottesville, VA, 2002.


Available both in Kindle and paperback 



"This book is a masterpiece carefully crafted gathering data over decades. Reading it I said again and again 'aha' and 'of course,' as I was led through history to contemporary events in a brilliant view of what the Aquarian Age really is about. This book is profound, prolific, and prophetic."

— Laurence Hillman, co-author of Alignments: How to Live in Harmony with the Universe


"Joseph Campbell used to say we could no more know what our future mythologies would be than know what we will dream tonight. This books suggests that in studying the signs of the times, we can more effectively both discover and co-create our future stories going beyond the unconscious myth-making of the Piscean Age. It is in Grasse's powerful projections of our future development as a species that this work is unique."

—Maureen Cleary, Parabola magazine


"Fifty years ago, Carl Jung's book Aion showed a similar form of symbolic insight as it traced the development of the Piscean Age from Christ to the Twentieth Century. Grasse's courageous and holoscopic picture of the vast changes ahead for our planet deserves the same consideration as Jung's classic."

—Anton Lysy, Ph.D. Dean of Studies, The Olcott Institute


"Signs of the Times explains the Age of Aquarius better than any astrologer, as he shows by many examples how we are collectively on the cusp between the great ages, leaving Pisces behind."

—Michael Wolfstar,


"Ray Grasse is an astute observer of human culture, past and present. His eyes firmly fixed on the symbolic content of events, he uses a combination of astro-symbolism, the principle of synchronicity, and mythology to examine a wide range of cultural expressions. Signs of the Times is an attempt, firmly anchored in the age-old tradition of spiritual symbology, to make sense of what often strikes us as utterly chaotic, arbitrary, and senseless. Grasse makes fascinating and sometimes surprising links that reveal the deeper structure of our lives. Both this and his previous book furnish us with important clues for shaping our individual and collective life more consciously and wisely."

—Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D, author of over 20 books, and founder-president of Yoga Research and Education Center


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