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When the Stars Align

Reflections on Astrology, Life,    Death, and Other Mysteries 

When the Star Align is a wide-ranging collection of essays by noted writer and astrologer Ray Grasse, exploring such subjects as the Age of Aquarius, life-after-death, the Beatles, kundalini, God, the soul, the Roswell Incident, sex, and much more. We live in uncertain times, with profound changes convulsing virtually every aspect of our world. Grasse brings his unique insights to understanding these changes, and along the way sheds new light on many previously familiar subjects. Written in a clear and engaging style, Grasse’s unconventional perspectives are sure to stimulate your thinking in unexpected ways. 

“Ray Grasse is one of the hidden geniuses of contemporary spirituality."

—Richard Smoley, author Inner Christianity and Introduction to the Occult 

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Chapter 1 The Fortune Teller

Chapter 2 Stumbling Across the Script

Chapter 3 Homage to Astrology

Chapter 4 The Beatles ~ Harbingers of the Aquarian Age?

Chapter 5 Brain Koan

Chapter 6 Avatars, Geniuses, and Channeling the Divine

Chapter 7 Classroom Earth

Chapter 8 City of Big Shoulders

Chapter 9 A Question for Carl, Who is Still Dead

Chapter 10 Vincent

Chapter 11 A Few Questions (and Possible Answers) about Reincarnation and

the Afterlife

Chapter 12 Suffering and Soul Making on the Mean Streets of Planet Earth

Chapter 13 On the Mysteries of Soul

Chapter 14 Apocalypse Not

Chapter 15 When Jupiter and Neptune Meet in Pisces

Chapter 16 A Brief Meditation on the Hubble “Deep Field” Photo

Chapter 17 When Someone’s Saturn is on Your Sun

Chapter 18 The Astrology of Hollywood’s “Golden Year” ~ 1939

Chapter 19 Trade-offs

Chapter 20 Twenty-One Things Worth Knowing About the Aquarian Age

Chapter 21 Frank

Chapter 22 My Theory of Sleep

Chapter 23 How Wide is the NOW?

Chapter 24 Down the Rabbit Hole

Chapter 25 A Brush with Kundalini

Chapter 26 Naked before Eternity ~ An Esoteric Meditation on Sex

Chapter 27 Lifting the Chalice

Chapter 28 Walt Disney’s “Sorcerer’s Apprentice"

Chapter 29 Reconsidering the Lost Wisdom of Ancient Egypt ~ An

Interview with John Anthony West

Chapter 30 Some Passing Thoughts on Sacred Architecture

Chapter 31 The Genius of Citizen Kane, Part I

Chapter 32 The Genius of Citizen Kane, Part II

Chapter 33 Astrology and the Healing Power of Labels

Chapter 34 A Two-Tiered Approach to History ~ Planetary Cycles and the Great Ages 

Chapter 35 Midnight Mass, the TV Series ~ Elegy for a Dying Age 

Chapter 36 Was There a Second Roswell Incident?

Chapter 37 Is Astrology Nothing More than Divination?

Chapter 38 The Son Also Rises

Chapter 39 Every Moment ~ Around the World in Ninety Days             

Chapter 40 The Divine Zodiac ~ A Window into God’s Mind, or

Simply Humanity’s Greatest Work of Art?

Chapter 41 Esoteric Astrology ~ A Discourse by Shelly Trimmer

Chapter 42 The Universe is Aware of You

Appendix I Four Approaches toward Understanding the Great Ages

Appendix II The Great Ages and the Ascending/Descending Arcs

Appendix III America and Russia: An Archetypal Perspective 

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