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The Waking Dream:  
Unlocking the Symbolic Language of Our Lives

For the men and women of traditional cultures, enormous importance was accorded the seemingly accidental or random events of ordinary life, from the passage of birds through the sky to chance remarks overheard in passing. Are such beliefs merely superstitions, or do they reflect a deeper intuition into the hidden order of the universe?


A groundbreaking study of symbolism and synchronicity, The Waking Dream investigates the subtle workings of fate, coincidence and destiny in our lives. Learn how synchronicity pervades our world, and how we can begin to unlock the subtle messages encoded within everyday experience. Explore how societies throughout history have attempted to understand the language of symbols, and what perennial symbolist ideas have to offer contemporary science.


Available both in paperback and Kindle 

Reviews and Comments


"A masterpiece."

—Colin Wilson, author of The Outsider, From Atlantis to the Sphinx


"This book bulges with wisdom. The Waking Dream is CPR for the soul!"

—Dr. Larry Dossey, author of Healing Words


"Ray Grasse has produced a work which is extraordinary in scope. It explores such an extensive area of everyday existence and spiritual thinking that at the end of the book the reader is left with a profound sense of the deeper meaning of life. Grasse is an eloquent writer who takes us on a compelling journey. His humanity and understanding pervade the book, stretching our own awareness of the meaning of life."

—Theosophy in Australia


"This book represents the best, most comprehensive, exposition of the symbolist world view in a single volume. In fact, if I wanted to truly understand the deep, fundamental roots of mysticism or occultism, this the book that I would read first. Symbolism stands in contrast to stark materialism in that it assigns inherent meaning to the world. Symbolism holds that this physical, material world is the lowest level of reality and not it's totality, as science would have us believe. The lower levels merely reflect the archetypical currents, patterns, and laws of the higher: 'As above, so below.' To personally validate this mode of thinking in one's own life is to experience permanent mind shift. You never see creation as dead, sterile, and meaningless again. What more can one ask of a book or a teaching?"

— Reviewer: S.C. Curtis (Gwinn, MI United States)


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