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So, What Am I Doing

Here, Anyway? 

Astrological and Philosophical Essays 

So, What Am I Doing Here, Anyway? is a wide-ranging and thought-provoking collection of essays by noted writer and astrologer Ray Grasse. Where else can you leap from the philosophy and practice of astrology to the surreal genius of Salvador Dali, the twelve-fold mystery of the Great Pyramid, the broader implications of synchronicity, Jazz and the Aquarian Age, a mystical look at war, the interface of science and imagination, and personal reflections on the 1960s? Grasse brings his unique insight to understanding these and other subjects, while shining a light on many otherwise hidden connections between them. 

"Ray Grasse is one of the hidden geniuses of contemporary spirituality." --Richard Smoley, author Inner Christianity, Introduction to the Occult.

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