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The Sky Stretched Out Before Me:

Encounters with Mystics, Anomalies, and Waking Dreams

THE SKY STRETCHED OUT BEFORE ME is a fascinating collection of autobiographical essays from noted astrologer and writer Ray Grasse. Drawing on episodes from the author’s life, it presents an exploration of consciousness and the nature of reality, touching on such wide-ranging subjects as synchronicity, symbolism, mythology, Fortean phenomena, and cinema. Also included are discussions of the author’s experiences in Egypt, the American Southwest, and studies under teachers in the Kriya Yoga and Zen traditions.

Ray Grasse is an internationally-recognized astrologer, and author of several books including The Waking Dream, Signs of the Times, Under a Sacred Sky, An Infinity of Gods, StarGates, and Urban Mystic. He worked on the editorial staffs of Quest Magazine and Quest Books for ten years, and has been associate editor of The Mountain Astrologer for 20 years.

Available in paperback through Amazon

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