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An Infinity of Gods:                                                    New!

Conversations with an Unconventional Mystic - The Spiritual Teachings           of Shelly Trimmer 

An Infinity of Gods is a fascinating look at a little-known mystic and spiritual teacher, Shelly Trimmer (1917-1996), a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi). Based primarily on transcripts of conversations between Shelly and Ray Grasse during the late 1970s and early 1980s, Grasse's book offers a glimpse into the wide-ranging thoughts and insights of this unusual teacher. Among the topics covered are meditation, magic, karma, future science, astrology, psychic phenomena, sex, relationships, enlightenment and God.


Written in clear and easy-to-understand language, this compelling selection offers a thought-provoking look into the life and mind of a true American original.

"Rule number one in the spiritual search: the best masters are the ones you never hear of and can hardly find. Ray Grasse's absorbing portrait of Shelly Trimmer proves yet again that this is true."—Richard Smoley, author of How God Became God: What Scholars Are Really Saying about God and the Bible.

Available in paperback through Amazon 

Table of Contents 



1. On Yogananda

2. God 

3. Self-Observation

4. On Creative Breakthroughs

5. The Three Channels

6. What Three Books To A Desert Island?

7. Spiritual Evolution

8. The Astral and the Afterlife

9. Self-Acceptance

10. Bilocation?

11. Babaji

12. A Powerful Link From the Past

13. Time

14. The Dream State

15. Karma

16. Flying Under the Radar

17. Music, Art, Inspiration

18. Love of Animals

19. Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

20. Meditation

21. Sex, Relationships, Love

22. War

23. Imagination, Tulpas, Possession

24. Psychic Investigations

25. Illusion, Reality, Propaganda

26. Magic

27. Saint Lynn

28. I Don't Like Cold Weather

29. The Binary Self

30. Astrology

31. Your Little Toe

32. Future Science

33. Palmistry

34. I Never Did The Guy Any Favors

35. The Blessing

36. Self-Mastery

37. Parting Words

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